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Once from Japan - by nate


so this, this is so fucking beautiful. i email yoshi at, mistakenly, his old address, letting him know i will soon be japan side (this whole page is gonna come out like shit, cuz this fucking japanese computer has its user preferences locked up and won't let me switch word docs to htm files without the fatty-bo-batty microsoft-patent code conversions, so this winds up being like the third or fourth time i've written it). now then, not only has yoshi quit, some long time since past, using this email address, but some other yoshi has since adopted it, so that when i write the real yoshi at the old email address this new, fake yoshi replies, giving me a cell phone number. now, bear in mind two to three things: 1) the real yoshi's cell phone is dead and i'm supposed to call him. 2) the fake yoshi's last name is the same as the real yoshi's girlfriend's last name. 3) when i call the new number and say "ima doko?" yoshi (whichever one) tells me he's at his girlfriend's apartment waiting for me.

so then... not only am i calling nagoya-shi long distance from tokyo-to, but i'm doing so to get directions from someone i've never met to some place i don't wanna go. overmore, faker yoshi knows he doesn't know me but assumes he does cuz why else would i write him...? like when xiao huang got his first piece a spam via email, or like when i got my first piece a spam via cell phone... yes, in china.

so tonight in empty bars (asian people are all scared a the rain, except during the monsoon, so they stay at home, except in june&july when they pretend to be sugo tough and ignore it and get wicked ass wet) with this bloke yousuke, whiskey and black beer and ramen and gyoza, the matrix on the telly in this second story bar the size of a walk-in closet, trying to kill time cuz, get this, i can't go to the hostel i'm paying to sleep at to sleep until 3pm. they lock us in (lights out) from 10.30pm till 6.30am, then lock us out, to free up space for conferences, from 10am till 3pm, so that's when i get to go back to sleep if i want to sport a night life. piece a shit government run crap. so, so far so good, ne.

no idea what till then.

sleep a non-factor, desshou ne.