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Once from China - by nate


s bought my dad a turtle and a monkey for his birthday month next, the monkey as he like me a monkey by birth, could be some slight cause of our too-similar appetite for and taste in ethnic bric-a-brac, most a which, like the crucifix from sweden, worthless, and crap, but still, semblance.

pao the only one who writes me now, without some reference to page. to do list piles the while, gotta run down eng lang want ads for blokes & broads in japan, mostly broads, for this friend a shino-san's who's looking for a cute lil hakujin to sling heineken to salarymen, then stuff for a burgedeoning (né, fledgling) indymedia in japan. minnows, in timespace, in outerspace.

second law a thermodynamics.

didn't call the girl from the bahamas. saw this japanese girl with a guitar slung over her shoulder which put the thought right out a my mind. saw this high school girl with hair like michelle reis in fallen angels or like maggie cheung in days of being wild which i need to write a piece about, the movie not the girl, though she she is quite warranting of quite a few pieces in variant media, and maybe something more for which i yet lack the words requisite for proclamation of intent.

plaid skirts a distant memory, bought me some mao pins, maybe post one to chewie, yet to see. life is a big thing when she's yr enemy, and bigger yet when y'r in bed with her. the city is wide the city is wide the city is wide. ¡­this feeling gets old and.

matador she's a bull in a china shop.