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Once from China - by nate

12.5.01 c.00:00

i don't know what they're called, being the kind a lights you'd use for stage but never screen, nor the silver still, but like two laser pointers oscillating wildly, and they were green and up high, and i always wanted to get me one a them green lantern t-shirts and stand up there with my hand behind it to see if anybody got the joke.

it's funny, though, you'd think if you put two next-to-naked girls up on platforms a guy my age would go goo goo over the go-go in full view, half naked & squirming, and not the one reduced by dim lighting to the white of an oval arcing from neckline to hairline, the shadows for eyes through the smoke of her smoke.

when one's fingers cut through air, one's fingers cut through air. so certain things sing.

i remember one night being too drunk to bloody my hand up on a wall, and passing out in my roommate's bed. green lantern kicking kryptonite.