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Once from China - by nate


i have rain but not you

i write in my phone, and i don't send, thinking love smarmy (what then italics? i know), but proud of just how japanese the act is, the heian paradigm played by way a sending poems to objects a longing a long way away hence too far for play, the micro|nano by way of it being by way of a mobile phone message, such being a beautiful thing rendered less beautiful relative to the constant|reflexive juxtaposition that is the receiving end.

this cell phone poetry forever ago, i dunno, now nothing. 你在干嘛 and 你在哪里 book-ended a three day fast some when past and other things else off.

she is a beautiful girl. she is. she has cigarette burns on her arms and her chest and a voice like steel wool, cottonwool, what toll else smoke took.

mascara makes an event horizon. timespace she does stop.

and i cope, yo.