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Once from China - by nate


I'll give you nothing more to eat.
Then we'll die.
I'll give you just enought to keep you from dying. You'll be hungry all the time.
Then we won't die.

near the start a ep4 3PO says "it seems we were made to suffer," or something akin, lucas feignin to be fellini or bergman or another a them i shoulda studied but didn't. personally i figure robots are made, especially robots bought by the government which 3PO and R2 were, cuz some senator (say palpatine, pitter pat) as got some friend what makes em for a living, or more than (cf zuk⊂"A" on consumption demand layoffs).

so there's this thought that says, simply, suffering brings with it a certain evolutionary advantage|edge, given that it's given to you only up to a point; when one 's happy: complacency, lethargy, economic death. when one 's happy one doesn't (to my knowledge, when speaking of the hypothetical "one," mind you, and not masochistic or thanatotic abberrants like w.v.s.m.) strive, certainly doesn't compete for things like territory or (so sings the song) women (read "men" if woman) that might inflect a certain change in condition that might, so to speak, compromise happiness.

if it ain't broke, so the saying says.

remember that monkey? not the one whose intelligence cap (thinking cap literal) got all busted up and, in its state a half-function, made him wanna go to business school. no; the one whose brain was wired to a box that was in turn wired to a button that, when pressed, stimulated pleasure receptors in the brain. little bugger pushed it till he died a starvation.

see, the thing is, you have to suffer as much as possible, you have to have a gun held to your head compelling you to survive, to stand a chance a doing so. happiness undermines the struggle, but the recollection of, the reflection on, happiness aids it. gotta dangle something over tantalus, yeah, but the donkey gets the carrot he's gonna quit walking.

survival { memory: happiness, contentment, "at ease"; }

but memory as a property a the selector a survival is requisite; if you forget, if you come to doubt or disbelieve in the factuality a happiness, then that's the last bit from the awakening what with the water an all on all sides an no up an no down an no one else around (if you didn't read the chopin rent gattaca, to the same end; should gattaca be out, rent the piano in its stead).

so then ...

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