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Once from China - by nate



Spend time with others who are tolerant enough to let you stretch out and invent. The key to successful improvising is to repeat your mistake until it turns into an acceptable pattern. Relax into your new freedom. You have no time for insincerity. Some might find your words unforgiving and your light harsh, but content is more important than form. You excel at reducing a paragraph of florid language into a single pithy sentence. Someone out there could be falling in love with your essence.

- by via

... i just wanna be able to blame these fuckers after the fact. ... may be throwing some energies an some drinks nto this pseudo-barthian piece on the semiological myth construction of hotel room curtains. maybe plug it nto something bigger +broader, prose-like, like.

that thing about paragraph reduction is probly pretty true tho. florid an not so.

my cuticles black, jack; blink an move on.