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Once from China - by nate


ok, so a person as a person is an ephemerality conjoined to a singularity, whichin lies a paradox: me, as me, only exists at one given singular point in timespace, but me, as me, cannot be pointed to, definitively, bc a person (encompassing personality) is of nature ephemeral (which is not to say the same as saying an event); that is, the peculiarities of a being that make it unique are only made manifest via deduction, itself via only observation, observation being an occupation obviously requires a span, not a singularity, of timespace to (as an activity) be actualized.

which is not to say that to do is to be or to be is to do, but that only in doing can being be seen.

which makes the self a sort of potential, a gun, with the bullet not a thing of our culpability.

note to self add hogg to list.